The Traffic Group CSR Policy

Traffic Group

Who we are

The Traffic Group Ltd (TTG) comprises of AGD Systems Ltd, MAV Systems Ltd, Traffic Group Signals Ltd and AGD Systems Pty Ltd (Australia). Together we have dedicated sites across the UK and Australia, and are headquartered in Gloucestershire, UK.

At TTG we’re committed to delivering safer, greener, more efficient products and operations.

We drive a culture of continuous improvement across all aspects of our business including CSR activities.

What we do

“Our commitment to technological innovation means that our product portfolio benefits from unique, environmentally-focused design elements.”

Keeping bus lanes clear making public transport more efficient

Optimising crossing times making pedestrians safer

Tactile signalling helping visually impaired pedestrians

Highway monitoring for safer and more reliable journeys

Smart portable traffic signalling systems minimising driver delays

Monitoring for more secure and efficient car parks

Temporary signalling for safer streetworks

Peter Hutchinson

Statement of Intent

“We recognise sustainability to be that which “considers the economic, social and environmental needs for us and others at the present time and the needs of future generations”. This means we believe it is crucial for businesses to behave fairly and ethically towards society, customers, suppliers, environment, and employees.

At the Traffic Group Ltd we are committed to a CSR policy that enables sustainable development. We treat all our stakeholders, including the environment, fairly and ethically. This has always been central to our product design and throughout our business activities.

We are committed to supporting the internationally-recognised ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, and we take a holistic approach to being a good neighbour in local, national and international communities.

We hope to be pioneering in our corporate social responsibility within our sector and seek to encourage and collaborate with our industry partners to magnify our collective efforts.”


Peter Hutchinson – MANAGING DIRECTOR

Policy Aims


We adhere to continually improving targets and objectives to reduce pollution. Our end goal is to become a climate-positive group of organisations. To achieve this we intend to go above and beyond Government regulation, to ensure truly fair and ethical treatment of the environment. We aim to continually Improve our Environmental Management Systems.

Waste & Water

We aim to eliminate waste wherever possible to help achieve an end goal of zero waste to landfill, from purchasing through to end-of-life reuse and disposal. This aim aligns with our willingness to assist the national transition to a circular economy. We are also mindful to continually reduce our water consumption and efficiency of use.

Community Responsibility

We recognise that our position allows us to have a direct impact on. our neighbours and that this should be a constructive relationship. We contribute time and resources to actively reduce our societal impacts to better the local, national and international communities we are a part of. These activities relate to our industry and are also led in the wider community by our

Skill Development & Knowledge Sharing

We strive to help further the betterment of our employees by investing time and making relevant training freely available. We invest
in the skills of our employees to create a resource suitable to tackle the tough challenges we face. We exchange resources and knowhow to help better collaboration with all our stakeholders. This aids sustainable decisions, improved outcomes, and cohesion.

Sustainable Value Chains

We strive to help further the betterment of our employees by investing time and making relevant training freely available. We invest
in the skills of our employees to create a resource suitable to tackle the tough challenges we face. We exchange resources and knowhow to help better collaboration with all our stakeholders. This aids sustainable decisions, improved outcomes, and cohesion.

Sustainable Development Goals

We have chosen to focus our efforts on eight of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
More information on these can be found at:

We have five principle aims of our CSR policy. Our reporting structure will link our progress on these aims to the relevant SDGs.

Five of these are where major challenges remain in the UK (indicated with a yellow arrow). The additional three are Goals we have chosen as we believe can effectively leverage our available resources to support their achievement.

There is an even spread of Biosphere, Society and Economy Goals to ensure a diverse range of activities within the scope of our CSR activities.


To revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.


To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.


To build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.

To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


Taking urgent action to tackle climate change and its impacts.

To sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss.

Circular Economy Statement

There is a finite amount of resources available on the planet, however we require an infinite amount to service the way that we currently consume. To sustainably continue to use natural capital for product and service provision, we must transition towards a circular economy.

This involves moving away from the Take – Make – Waste model of consumption and instead:

  • Designing out waste and pollution
  • Keeping products and materials in use
  • Regenerating natural systems

As a manufacturing group of companies, we (like everyone else) are accountable for the extracted resources needed to build our products, the energy required during the manufacturing and running of our products even after point of sale, and our products once they have reached end-of-life.

We’re conscious of the discrepancy between the regulations related to ‘responsible waste disposal’ and ‘ethical responsible waste disposal’.

Naturally, the goal of becoming climate-positive and having zero waste to landfill is a starting point when it comes to taking responsibility for our impact on the Earth.

We recognise that a Circular Economy demands a service-based approach to optimise resource yield, as this takes into account the supplying companies themselves holding the knowledge and resources needed to circulate products and extend the life off all materials. We are working to incorporate more service-based offerings to support our mission to be safer, greener, more efficient.

More information on the Circular Economy is available from:

Our Business Community

Our employees are the driving force for all our company efforts, especially those around our CSR activities. We endeavour to empower every member of our team to make a meaningful contribution to our policy aims that also resonates with their personal beliefs.

We also aim to engage with the rest of our community to find common aims and initiatives which will help us magnify the combined effect of our outcomes.


We work with each customer individually to provide the best holistically delivered solution which is mindful of societal and environmental impacts. Our customers should be confident that in choosing TTG, they are helping enable us to contribute towards a sustainable future.


Our team will be given the tools and communication channels they need to make meaningful changes to processes and resource utilisation within the company, and to continuously help the company be a responsible member of society in all areas.


We endeavour to collaborate positively with our suppliers to be progressive on changes in our supply chain relating to environmental and social betterment. This collaboration is to be a two-way, equitable relationship that meets common aims.


Our shareholders are fully invested in a company that holds. quality and innovation as the highest priority delivered in a. socially responsible way. This stays true for our voluntary commitments as well as the safer, greener, more efficient solutions provided to customers.


Our products and services are at the heart of intelligent transport systems (ITS), improving public mobility for all requirements across the globe. Our communication and reporting of our progress will be mindful of this audience.